We all know that pharmaceutical companies provide an essential service. They produce all the drugs needed to keep us healthy, and fund a large portion of the research into new therapies.

However, it is also the industry with the highest profit margins, higher than oil and gas, higher even than the banking sector. And an industry doesn’t win that crown without their fair share of underhandedness.
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Why are some drugs not provided on the NHS?

NICE cancer drug decisions
NICE cancer drug decisions

The decision not to provide a drug on the NHS can have a devastating impact on patients and their families, and often causes a negative public reaction. However, therapies are getting increasingly expensive (particularly cancer therapies) and NHS has a very limited budget. As a result, in spite of the impact on patients and public opinion, 36% of cancer drugs evaluated since the start of 2014 (see pie chart) have been rejected, usually on the basis of cost. Continue reading